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Registration Terms

1. Introduction 

The rules is not discussed axiom, each person must follow them. This private closed site is a personal property of it's administrators. Remember, you are our guest, and we have no respect for ones, who are breaking the rules and shows bad behavior. All disturbers will be deleted immediately. To avoid misunderstanding, please read our rules. 
At the same time, we think, we are a live persons, and we regard our site users as individuals, not "users", in contrast to many other site administrators of similar portals. We are always ready to dialog... 
At observance of following rules you may expect corresponding attitude to your person on ARTTalk.ru. 

Administration considers all, who present on this site as acquainted with the given Rules.Ignorance of the Rules DOES NOT release from responsibility for their execution. All disputable questions are solving ONLY by private messaging with administration. 

If you don't agree with rules, we ask you to leave our site, If you agree - Welcome to creative people community! 

2. Registration 

1. It's allowed to use in user name only English letters, figures. 

2. It's forbidden: 

a. To register with meaningless usernames , for example: dhbrdthb, sadghyuj, or usernames consists of only figures. 
b. To use in username unquotable words, site's URL, email, etc. 
c. To register usernames "Admin" "Moderator" "Boss" etc. 
d. To make clones (more than one account, belongs to one user). 

Such accounts will be deleted without prior warning. 

If the user gives wittingly wrong information in registration form, Administration can delete it's account without any prior warning. 

3. General Provisions 

All messages reflecting back the views of their authors. Administration not bear any responsibility for them. 
Do not pay attention to turncoats. Don't tease them - absence of attention brings discussion to nothing and don't use the same tone to answer even if you think you had been offended. The rest - care of moderator. 

If your are new here, don't labor under a delusion with tone of some discussions.Many people here are familiar for a long time, and could let themselves free enough tone under the relation to each other. 

1. This forum, comments to works, tutorials, etc., are post-control, this means that the new messages adds at once. In cause of rule breaking they can be edited or removed by the decision of moderator. 
A base of moderator activity is the formal control over observance of the present rules, however moderator actions can be beyond the formal control. 

His objective consists in that being guided by the common sense and experience to provide for all users possibility of effective conducting discussion. 

2a. If you don't agree with actions of moderator, his reaction on rule breaking, understanding objectives of forum, etc. and have not reach mutual understanding by the private messaging or another way, you can report about this to Administration, without agreement of moderator, or leave the forum. 

2b .If you don't agree with actions of Administration, it's reaction on rule breaking, understanding objectives of forum, etc. and have not reach mutual understanding by the private messaging or another way, it's better to leave the forum/ because you can't report anyone else - it's their own forum. 

3. The thread created by any forum user is a property of forum instead of authorship. 

3a.The founder or visitor of the thread has not the right to execute a moderator functions and decide, whom and what is possible to do in it, except a case when author of the thread is the Moderator of this section or this theme its personal world of itself. 

3b. The Administration does not delete accounts, works, messages, threads, and other materials posted on the forum at the instance of their authors. 

4. Recommendations 

1. Before the beginning of discussions, ( creating new threads or messages), look at the pages of forum to get more information about other users, forum subsections and their subjects, other threads and overviews, including discussed subjects on sections, "unwritten" rules and traditions of forum. 

2. Before asking a problem question, use search - may be your problem is already solved long time ago, or may be it's unsolvable yet (or absolutely unsolvable). 

3.Make a heading of the thread or message so that it reflected the meaning of posting information, not your emotions or views. Don't use headings such this: "Help!" "Need help" "Question" "Help me" 

These threads and similar, will be deleted without prior warning. In case of recurrence, the author of such thread will be deleted. 

4. Do not deviate the theme set by the author (the author is a user, who written the first message thread). 
For such rule breaking (offtopic) you will get a warning from moderator, in case of recurrence you will be banned. 

5. Quote the interlocutor minimum or not to quote, if your message goes the following.Plural repeations of the same, especially on the same page are superfluous and litting the forum. 
For such rule breaking (flame) you will get a warning from moderator, in case of recurrence you will be banned. 

6. Messages of personal character, private discussions in most cases are useless for other users (flame). 
Use private messaging system or email for this. 
For such rule breaking you will get a warning from moderator. 

5. Forbidden 

1. Showing unrespectable attitude to interlocutor, slandering forum users, and other people, offenses, unquotable offenses and words (simple and obscene abuse), menaces, including in relation to the person, a nationality, a racial, political, religious accessory of other participant of dialog in a forum or groups of persons. 

Punishment: ban. 

2. Advertising (including hidden) self-advertising, advertising of personal websites, submitting proposal of paid services, or publishing any other types of advertisements and commercial notices, etc. 

Punishment: ban. 

3. Publishing links on cracks, patches, warez, serial numbers etc. Any requests to publish them will be punish as provocation of rule breaking. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, fall in a rating, in case of recurrence - ban. 

4. Spreading wittingly false information, viruses ( Trojan horses, etc. ) 

Punishment: ban. 

5. Publishing negative answers about products without showing the facts or source of information on which opinion was based answer. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. 

6. Flood :repeated posting similar or closely approximated messages; 3 and more messages one after another (use button "edit message" or "edit") posting, included only smiles, or reflecting only emotions; meaningless messages; empty updating (up) with purpose to move the thread on the first place; and other Spam. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. 

6а. It is not recommended to use a considerable quantity of CAPITAL LETTERS. Respect the interlocutors, they can think that you shout at them. 

6b. Conducting direct correspondence - this is not CHAT, for private contact use email. 
Also our site have enough number of possibilities for contact beyond discussions of works. 

7a. Using big size files and images in messages (images - no more than 1024 pixels length; files - 250 Kb) also images which have no relation to thread. using in message too large fonts and bright colors which mix up reading. в сообщении чрезмерно больших шрифтов и ярких цветов, мешающих чтению. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. 

7b. Using in personal sign big size and big weight. The resolved size no more than 400x60px, 30Kb, jpg/gif. It is authorized to use only one image. Its maintenance should not distract attention from the message. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. 

7c. Using big weight avatar. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. 

8. Using in personal sign sentences: 
— including unquotable or offense words; 
— more than 5 lines; 
— using big size tags and bright color, distracting attention from the message. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. 

9a. Public discussion of rules of a forum, administration or its actions. Fall of moderator rating as revenge for it' actions. 
If you dislike something, the decision seems you wrong or unfair, or you have questions, ask then by private messaging. 

Punishment: ban. 

9b. Questions "why punished, warned, banned?" are disregarding only after the second reading all rules with elucidation that really no one rule was broken, and only from punished persons by the private messaging (PM). 
Otherwise to write it is simply useless.It, not recommended to other persons ask about it and posting on forum such question. If you really interested - ask the punished person. 

Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. 

9с. Transfer on forum messages of punished. Giving them your account you gives an agreement that you will have the same punishment. 

Punishment: ban. 

10. To Create threads in forums of other subjects. For example asking questions about 3D problems in 2D art forum. 
Punishment: warning from moderator, in case of recurrence - ban. Such threads will be deleted. 

11. Plagiarism. 

Punishment: ban. 

12. Publishing messages with flash clips, which script causes automatic readdressing on foreign sites. 

Punishment: ban. 

13. Openly or by implication elicit increase/fall of own or another's reputation. 

Punishment: At first time - oral warning from moderator and deletion comment, next time - real warning. 

14. At the desire of the Team Leader provided that you are not the member of team or the representative of Administration, you must stop writing in forum of that team or you will be switched to "read only" mode on whole forum. 

The messages, which are not meeting the requirements will be deleted by moderators without any explanation of their actions.In case more rule breaking user gets a warning. 

Access, to the forum can be closed for persons, who are breaking the rules. The user, regularly breaking rules of a site, can be banned for any term at the decision of site Administration. The ban can made both on a login of the user, and to the IP-address. 

Rules come into force from the moment of publication. Any changes of rules are accompaned by the announcement in site news of ARTtalk.ru 


What is ban? 
- total closing access to forum. User can't read or write. It's a punishment for serious rule breaking. 

What is "read only" 
- It's the same ban, but user can read, but not allowed to write on forum. This punishment is necessary for users, who is not enough understood or didn't read forum rules. 

I've been punished, what should I do? 
Don't hurry up with private message to Administration, read the forum rules again add decide, do you agree with them/ or not. 
If you are agree with rules - wait while the punishment will finish. If you disagree - leave the forum. 

In all cases such messages will not stay without attention. 

General Rules of reception artworks to gallery. 

- All send works passing selection. 

-Selection is realizing by the ARTtalk Administration. 

-Work is submitting in gallery only with presence at least minimal description, indication of materials and software were used to create this work. 

-If in artwork were used other's (free) models, you must note this in description. Otherwise such work will be deleted, and author getting a warning. ( 3 warnings and author will be banned) 

-All registered users can discuss artworks.The best works are taking Awards. Owner of Award getting a big number of reputation points which are having effect on user status. 

-Works, made only in Poser, Bryce, Teragen, and also low realization quality works will not submit to gallery. 

-Works, which propagandize racism, drugs, sex, violence will not accept to consideration. 

-Works are not reviewed, the site administration reserves the right to itself not to make comments on the decisions. 

-Works, placed on a site, do not remove under no circumstances except for plagiarism. 

-Site Administration reserves the right to itself to use for design of the resources any works submitted in galleries ARTTalk.ru 

Image uploading rules. 

Only interesting works, which have a good quality and good composition together, will be submitted to gallery. Also it will be interesting to all, if the author shares the motives and secrets of creation. 

The main image parameters. 

-Image must be placed only by it's author. 

-Image mus be: 
Max. file size: (bytes): 300000 
Max. width of work (pixels): 2000 
Max. height of work (pixels): 1800. Format JPG only. 

-The image should not be imposed text inscriptions (more often have not an art value and not serve as a part of composition), the exception can make a logo of the artist. 

Please don't forget to optimize your images. (to 150-300K). 

-The works which are not corresponding to technical requirements, are not submitting in gallery irrespective of realization quality. 

Award Gallery rules. 

Work can be placed in the main gallery only under the decision of ArtTalk.ru. Administration. 

Discussion, voting, personal correspondence etc. are not the base for placing work in Award gallery , no less than for removal of work from gallery. 

The Administration of ArtTalk.ru considers itself as the live persons, capable to be mistaken and listens to opinion of visitors, posted in forums of our site 

The administration reserves the final decision of questions at issue. 

Posting in a forum "site Discussion" the official announcement of the representative of administration is considered the discussion termination on disputable theme, the continuation of this theme can be deleted by moderator. 

And some small requests 
- Give a meaning names to your works ( not №1, №2 etc.) 
- Give any description about used software, what were used, etc. 

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