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BookFiller v1.2 / Скрипт

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Скрипт BookFiller v1.2 для 3dsmax 2008 (работает в 3dsmax 8,9)


Расставляет книги из библиотеки на полку. Регулируются всевозможные параметры - угол наклона, смещение, количество.



1. Utilities Panel > MAXScript > Run Script

2. Find and open bookfiller_1.2.mse

3. In the Utilities dropdownlist select "BookFiller"



Press the "Pick library-file" button and pick your file with books-models. There is an example inside archive.

When you will create your own library - look at the objects and pivot points positions.


Adjust parameters, press the "Pick bookshelf" button and choose bookshelf-object.

Script create and select books. Set right position with checkboxes "Rotate 180" and "Mirror".


If you need to adjust filling parameters - set new values of spinners and press "Swap books" button.

Don't deselect books while you work with them or until you select new bookshelf.

Script works only with selected books-objects.



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