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How to Wow - Best of Photoshop CS2

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Release: Software-cinema

Format........: iso / 1.94 Гб

Program Type..: Training with: Jack Davis

Running Time: 10.5 hours

File type: QuickTime Movie


Learn the best of the new features offered in Photoshop CS2 with Jack Davis. Jack will demonstrate the new Adobe Bridge and the Photoshop CS2 interface, Camera Raw 3, Noise Reduction, Lens Correction Filter, Smart Sharpen, Smart Collage, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Red-Eye Correction, Image Warp and Vanishing Point. Also included are 3 bonus sessions of "Paths to Great Photos".


Session 01 : Photoshop CS2 Interface

Session 02 : Adobe Bridge

Session 03 : Camera Raw 3

Session 04 : Lens Correction Filter

Session 05 : High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Session 06 : Red Eye Correction

Session 07 : Smart Sharpen

Session 08 : Noise Reduction

Session 09 : Smart Collage

Session 10 : Image Warp

Session 11 : Vanishing Point




Session 12 : Paths to Great Photos - Bridge

Session 13 : Paths to Great Photos - Optimizing

Session 14 : Paths to Great Photos - Camera Raw


Язык: Английский

Раздача - с утра до вечера.

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