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Elected Art.

RONS BRUSH 28 PowerPack!

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Отличная подборка из 28 коллекций кистей от Рона Девинея :-o


В архиве:

1. Rons Clear Water

2. Rons Concrete Brushes & Patterns

3. Rons Cracks

4. Rons Cracks II

5. Rons darkside backgrounds

6. Rons Flames

7. Rons Flames Traditional

8. Rons Fog

9. Rons Grunge

10. Rons Grunge Edges

11. Rons Hi-Tech Cityscape

12. Rons Nuts, Bolts & Holes

13. Rons Pinstripting

14. Rons Rusty Metal (Brushes and Layer Styles)

15. Rons Sci-Fi Brushes

16. Rons Scratches

17. Rons Skulls

18. Rons Skulls II

19. Rons Smoke

20. Rons Smoke 2

21. Rons Splash 2

22. Rons Splashes

23. Rons Stains, Splatters Drips & Washes

24. Rons Vines

25. Rons Water

26. Rons Watercolor

27. Rons Water Falls

28. Rons Wings of Water


Возможно кому пригодится....


http://depositfiles.com/files/8010288 | 718.87 MB

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