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The Photographic Eye – Learning to See with a Camera

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Photography is both an art and a science. As an art, it expresses a personal vision. As a science, it relies on technology. This double nature is not unique to photography. Every kind of creative expression —such as music, dance or painting —has both a purely artistic side and a more scientific or techological side as well. For example, paints are a kind of technology, and using them well involves a considrable amount of technical skill. The main difference between photogaphy and more traditional visual arts, such as painting, is the complexity of its technology.


Автор: Michael F. O’Brien & Norman Sibley

Год издания: 1995

Страниц: 357

Формат/вес: PDF/15,618K




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Рид большое тебе спасиб за такой материал.... Я хоть и не активный фотограф но фотографию люблю)))))) Да при будит с тобой сила...... ;-)

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