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Tracker Knife : NextGen asset production series

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Part 1

Modeling the High poly asset: smoothing & topology tricks to ensure accuracy and eliminate pinching



Part 2

Modeling the rest of the High poly asset: Creating the handle and screws



Part 3

Modeling the Low poly asset: tips & tricks for optimization and efficient polygon usage

Unwrapping: Making the absolute most of your texture sheets and reducing stretching



Part 4

Baking: How to create a perfect normal map bake using 3ds max & Xnormal



Part 5a

Texturing: Tips on building textures of different surfaces, adding wear & tear plus dirt and scratches



Part 5b

Spec & Gloss: I focus on creating a great spec & gloss map to make your assets shine



Reference - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3337552/Ext.Projects/Youtube/TomBrownTracker/Side.jpg


Автор - Joe Harford

Сайт - http://jharford.4ormat.com/


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