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    A versatile CG Artist | Music&Audio Composer with over 8 years experience

    Technical excellence in Autodesk Maya, Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Dynamics, Lighting, Rendering, Mental ray and Eyeon Digital Fusion

    i also possess profound, knowledge in Motion Capture Data Pipeline between Maya and Motion Builder, Matchmoving 2D3 Boujou, Next Limit RealFlow, Adobe After Effect, Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Steinberg Cubase SX+ VST technology

    Skillful in computer hardware maintenance/cust
  1. Большое спасибо я признателен Вам комментарий, я могу легко перевести в Google не проблема))
  2. нет, его только потому, что я не владеющих русским языком, я просто живу в Ростове))
  3. veronasunrise thanks!!! )) I'm glad you like it, NorthernChild thanks you )) i agree the football player could be better )
  4. I'm glad you like it Thanks for your comment i appreciate it))
  5. Thank you alex i appreciate your comment ))
  6. Hello guys, this is my new reel for the period from 2006 till now Used programs: Maya, Mental ray, Digital Fusion, Adobe After Effects, Audition Critiques, comments or if you have any question are most welcome reel located on my main page: http://www.rafel-akushali.com/ [vimeo"http://vimeo.com/9739635[/vimeo"

    © Akushali

  7. Akushali

    Morning Sun 01

    ilopX, spasiba Thank you all guys, i have update for this image i fixed some shadow issues and decreased the saturation since its at day time and the sun is strong, i will render big size as soon as i have time and re post the new image
  8. Akushali

    Morning Sun 02

    spasiba, this is the first shot i took from that angle, then i took the shot 00 i wanted to reveal more parts from the room, but as i think it didn't work for the whole composition, i like this shot more
  9. Akushali

    Morning Sun 03

    spasiba I'm glad you like it
  10. Better camera angle

    © Akushali

  11. Better camera angle

    © Akushali

  12. Akushali

    Morning Sun 01

    so pleasant to hear your comment, thank you Felix :)
  13. Akushali

    Morning Sun 01

    Thank you Thill I'm pleased to hear your comment, i wanted the mode of the scene to feel warm, i,m glad to see it this way, i made other shot from the same angle but a little bit different, i will post it soon
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