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  1. Belal Saeed


    Hey Alexey, Many thanks for the reply. I will try to make a (texture and render) Again :)
  2. Belal Saeed


    [img:666]http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy322/BelalSaeed/BEAULTY_SHOT.jpg[/img:666] [img:666]http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy322/BelalSaeed/CONSTRUCTION_SHOT.jpg[/img:666] [img:666]http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy322/BelalSaeed/TEXTURE_SHEET.jpg[/img:666] model low poly and normal map [img:666]http://i26.tinypic.com/1z3875k.jpg[/img:666] Here is the high poly in Z Brush [img:666]http://i29.tinypic.com/10gn0u9.jpg[/img:666] Thx
  3. Belal Saeed


    hey guys. This is a Lowpoly model that made for the \"Comic challenge 2\" at GameArtisans forum. The modeling was made on max, the high poly modeling and textures was done using Zbrush and the final render was done on 3dMAX. here are the final images Hope you like my final still!!

    © Belal Saeed

  4. hey Nikita thanks so much! , i searched for pants references and collect some of them now i started re-sculpting pants Updates soon! And now I am busy in Comicon Challenge 2009 Hope i can finish it on time! Some Update -Belal
  5. hey Nikita thanks dude, i searched for some references and get some. i started with the shoulders and biceps resculpt them and make his Torso Appropriate with the body,also have changed the folds of his pants but still need more of work Updates soon. wireframe Cheers! -Belal
  6. Привет, ребята, Это моя первая попытка сделать полный игровой характер (моделирование - текстурирование - воспроизведение), я выбрать название этого символа, который называется "Спенсер Сантьяго" fistrly я начал свою базу сетка из макс а затем перейти к zbrush добавить подробности, и я в настоящее время работаем. Я попытаюсь, чтобы включить его в игру в символ в конце. Но нужно много работать я начал эту 2 дня назад. И ваши замечания, критика приветствуются и поможет мне закончить мою работу. Обновления в ближайшее время. -Belal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, this is my first try to make a full game character (modeling - texturing - rendering) ,i have choose name of this character which is " Spencer Santiago " fistrly i started my base mesh from max then go to zbrush to add details and i'm currently working on. I'll try to turn it in an in-game character at the end. Still need a lot of work i started this 2 days ago. your comments & critique are welcome and would help me to finish my work . Updates soon. -Belal
  7. Belal Saeed


    Hey Nikita :II: i'm really happy to see your work in Expose 7 , Great Job man!! hope see you always in it my congratulations -Belal
  8. Belal Saeed

    Fly With Me

    Really Great image and story :sm:
  9. Juvenile: thanks very much for constructive comments!! and great feedback about my work:) Updates Thx !
  10. Viktor: thanks very much for constructive comments!! Updates soon
  11. Viktor: hey man thanks a lot , no make animation - i make a (Modeling and Texture , Render Compositing) only By using 3D studio max / mental ray / ZBrush / Photoshop new Update - Comments and critics are welcome! -Belal
  12. Hi everyone, new Update - Comments and critics are welcome! -Belal
  13. Tangerine: thx for the feedback CL88: hey man I'm not speak Russian , i speak english and Arabia only :wink: Viktor: Hey ! Thanks for constructive comments!! :roll:
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