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  3. Update: First 70 tickets come with a 50 euro discount (this offer includes the tickets already reserved; available till Sept 19).
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to share with you a unique event that will hit the streets of Bucharest,Romania on the 22nd till the 25th of Red October. Its the first Eastern European Concept art based workshop and i tell you,its gonna be on fire. We have tryed bringing in the heavyweights of concept art, all in a brain melting event, people that changed the industry and art as we know it with their visions. These guys need no introduction becos they got the right stuff! Stephan Martiniere(ID Rage,Star Wars,I robot etc) Steambot Studios(Tron Legacy,Assasins Creed,I am Legend, Wolverine, Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia,etc) David Levy (Vyle) Thierry Doizon (Barontieri) Joel Dos Reis Viegas (Feerik) Sebastien Larroude (Rainart) Kekai Kotaki(Guild wars) Mark Goerner(Xmen) For more details please visit the events official website: http://www.iron-curtain.org/
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