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GNOMON TOLOGY - ZBrush3 Topology reconstruction

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Жанр: видеоуроки


Уроки от Gnomon, вкоторых рассказывают о новых возможностях и инструментах пакета 3D-моделирования Zbrush3. Формат - QuickTime, общая продолжительность около 1 часа.


Chapter 1: Fundamental techniques




In this tutorial, the basic functions and working procedures of the topology tools in Zbrush 3 are introduced. Meats begins by explaining the Zsphere driven workflow for rebuilding topology. He then demonstrates the process with high-resolution 3D scan-data, using the fastest methods for topology reconstruction. The fine details from the scan are then projected onto the newly created geometry, generating a perfect copy of the scan, but now with ready to animate topology.


Chapter 2: Advanced workflow




Meats demonstrates his techniques for rebuilding dense scan data into useable geometry, ready for efficient rendering and animation. He introduces his method of using poly-painting to prepare the best plan of attack, before even starting to use the Zbrush topology tools to reconstruct the geometry. This technique allows him to arrive at a topological solution in less time. Once developed, the topological mesh is created and the high-resolution scan details are projected.


Скачать - http://www.nnm-club.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28770

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:x походу закрыли сайтец! Где еще можно скачать, господа, не подскажете ли? ;)

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