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Всем привет. Поступило предложение создать темку, в которой каждый бы делился инфой, по проходящим и намечающимся cg конкурсам |) Не у всех есть время, возможности и связи, чтоб уследить за многими мировыми событиями. Сам вот даж не знал, что есть Exotique, по брашу 2 уже пропустил крутых, также на cg хаб, ну и тд, а эта темка призвана помочь, думаю будет многим полезна и интересна. В общем выкладывайте и делитесь инфой по конкурсам (желательно солидным) :II:


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Спасибо, интересная тема - ченибудь нарою скину сюда.

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офигенно спасибо за инфу..жаль у меня сессия:(

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Да идея крута !! только было бы еще прикольно если бы тему не зафлудили! а то с каждого по спасибо и 20 страниц набежит))

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ооооо Масс Эффект! Как примерный фанат МЕ я должен принять участие)

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misterix10x BigBoo повторы, но хорошо, что тема работает :-) ;-)


BigBoo Я так понял там с нуля в збраш нельзя создать машину на тот конкурс? Или можно в любой проге, я в англ не силен.

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You can use whatever techniques you would normally use to make an awesome HP model.


You can use any techniques/features or applications that you would normally use to create a HP object.


софт можно любой использовать, главное чтоб на выходе получилась ачешуенная хайполи xD

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Кстати, еще и E-on только что затеял раздачу всякого полезного софта самым талантливым по ссылке http://www.e-onsoftware.com/showcase/competition/2011/ Можно вытворять что только в голову взбредет, но, как у них обычно и бывает - основное внимание судей обращается на ландшафт.

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A Type Directors Club Announcement | Обьявление от Type Directors Club


We are thrilled to announce our 58th Call for Entries for our annual typography competitions. This year’s competitions include Communication Design, Typeface Design and Title Design. Enter soon to take full advantage of our early bird discount. Winning entries will be published in our Annual, Typography 33 and be a part of our 7 global travelling exhibitions.


Title Sequence Submission Info:

- The deadline to submit your Title Sequence is: December 16, 2011

- Early bird discount ends November 11, 2011

- Enter original titles designed in the current year in the following categories:

• Movie, Shorts and Documentary Titles

• TV Show Titles

• Online Titles (Episodics, Live Events)



“Graphic Design: Now in Production” exhibition


This Saturday, October 22, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will open Graphic Design: Now in Production, a joint exhibition with the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.


The exhibition features work produced since 2000 in the most vital sectors of communication design, exploring the world of design-driven magazines, newspapers, books, and posters; the expansion of branding and identity programs for corporations, subcultures, and nations; the entrepreneurial spirit of designer-produced goods; the renaissance in digital typeface design; the transformation of raw data into compelling information narratives; and the storytelling potential of film and television title sequences.


For the latter section, Art of the Title was asked to guest curate a 'screening room' for the titles section of the show, and for the past ten months we've worked to produce a comprehensive list of film and television title work created within the last ten years that exemplifies contemporary title design.


Twenty eight sequences were chosen, representing both US and international film and television, from studios such Prologue, Imaginary Forces, Digital Kitchen, Elastic, yU+co., Lobo and MK12, and designers like Gareth Smith & Jenny Lee, Kuntzel+Deygas, Daniel Kleinman, Tom Kan, Jamie Caliri and Johnny Kelly.


With this wide variety of sequence choices we hope to highlight work that has influenced the design field, shown creative vision and use of materials, innovative practices and methods, and which embodies the timeless tradition established by past eras of title design.


A comprehensive, illustrated catalogue produced by the Walker Art Center accompanies the exhibition. The title sequence section will contain a specially commissioned introduction from Ben Radatz, Partner and Creative Director at the Kansas City-based MK12 (Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace) as well as write-ups and interview excerpts from Art of the Title.



Exhibition catalog


We would personally like to thank Andrew Blauvelt at the Walker and Ellen Lupton at the Cooper-Hewitt for this opportunity. It has been a tremendous honor to work with them on this and we are extremely proud and excited to be present for the opening.

Further details can be found here: http://calendar.walkerart.org/canopy.wac?id=6189




The first major museum exhibition on graphic design in more than a decade, Graphic Design: Now in Production will run from October 22, 2011 - January 22, 2012 in Minneapolis and then travel to New York in the summer of 2012 and other venues thereafter.


Curatorial Team:

Ian Albinson, Art of the Title

Andrew Blauvelt, Walker Art Center

Jeremy Leslie, magCulture

Ellen Lupton, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution

Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Brand New


Graphic Design: Now In Production is co-organized by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York.


Walker Art Center

1750 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55403







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