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    CEO (co-founder & co-owner) at Zblur Ltd.

    Zblur is a small studio, specializing in creation of visual effects, 3D animations, as well as many other post-production processes.

    We believe that our strongest point is the production of realistic CGI, but we can create any kind of art animation and VFX according to specific requirements.
  1. Спасибо за Ваш комментарий Igotm! Таким был замысел - динамика. :__0 После этого финала, сам игрок сделает своя драматургия. :rj:
  2. Zblur

    Вестник Атлантиды

    Шедевр - нет необходимости больше слов! :II: :clapclap:
  3. Я не знаю, в какой категории должны быть этому проекту?! Видео или 3D-изображений. Но это не имеет значения. Многие из картины шедевр. :clapclap: Я люблю плакаты Aliens и T2 на стене. (Джим Кэмерон мой любимый режиссер в течение 25 лет). Саундтреки и металла — все это здорово. :II: Я на 100% за награду, но в разделе о статичных изображений. :sm: Большой объем работ был сделан! :II:
  4. Thank you very much Отец-Основатель! :II:
  5. Привет всем! Вот информация: http://www.behance.net/gallery/ProRacer-%28Cinematic-Trailer%29/2455397 [vimeo"http://vimeo.com/31724382[/vimeo" This video is the official cinematic trailer of the online game ''ProRacer''. The goal in making this project was to create a dynamic, realistic and relatively inexpensive video. There it was. FACTS & STATISTICS - Including 4 shots (HD). - Stuff members: 2 artist (Velichkov Bros.) - Year of release: 2011 - In production: About 1 week. - Ready made VFX or live footages have not been used. ''ProRacer: Short Breakdowns'' is here: [vimeo"http://vimeo.com/66967930[/vimeo"

    © Zblur

  6. Спасибо Mondler! Рад, что вам понравилось!
  7. Zblur

    Woodworker - Mazda Cx7

    :clapclap: :II:
  8. Вот ссылка на видео: https://vimeo.com/29836774 Прошу прощения, если это моя вина! Ссылка (embed) в проекте не является правильным. Это ''Elements: The Making of ''V&S''' Пожалуйста, пусть это будет заменено! Заранее спасибо администратору! :)
  9. http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5200/8410969187_cdeccc3a6f_o.png Эта фотография подходит для предварительного просмотра и в рамках проекта. Извинения за причиненные неудобства администратором. :oops: Это мой первый пост здесь.
  10. [vimeo"http://vimeo.com/29836774[/vimeo" Привет всем! Я представляю вам наш ролик. Вот еще информация: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Vehicles-Streets/2229198 The theme in ''Vehicles & Streets'' covers war on the streets and some psychological aspects, affecting drivers. The feeling when you''re in a powerful sports car combined with aggressive (or other negative) internal mental state. How does one manage to drive his own power: To play God. NO MATTER WHAT CAR YOU HAVE... OR HOW YOU FEEL INSIDE... DRIVE YOUR OWN POWER... YOU DO NOT NEED TO DIE... ''V&S'' is produced entirely by Zblur studio and designed by two artists only. This was our first attempt to achieve a high level of photorealistic CG animation in 2K resolution. In full size one can see much more details. This film was created as a non-profit project. Special thanks to our families, friends and all the James Cameron films! FACTS & STATISTICS - Including 17 shots (2K). - Stuff members: 2 artist (Velichkov Bros.) - Year of release: 2011 - In production: More than 3 years (due to repeated long-term interruptions and conceptual changes). - Actual duration of the production: Less than 3 mounts. - All pre-visualizations were made in January 2008. - Almost all CG input renders were made in early 2010. - There are more than 650 000 000 (650M) polygons (excluding millions of particles) included in one scene only. This exists in several scenes. - There are between 250 and 300 layers (including passes, adjustments and FX) used in a single scene (in some scenes). - Average layers: More than 180 per scene. - No scene with less then 100 compositing layers exists. - The longest shot lasts more than 35 seconds. - There is a live footage in shot 8 (the car driver). - Ready made VFX or live footages have not been used. ''Elements: The Making of ''V&S'''' is here: https://vimeo.com/29889745

    © Zblur

  11. Очень хорошая работа! :)
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