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DeviantArt Gallery Ripper (dAgr)

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deviantArt Gallery Ripper (dAgr) is a batch downloader that automatically grabs every single image, flash file and extractable in any deviantArt gallery. The software is not supported or endorsed in any way by any administrator or employee of deviantArt, LLC.




Will I be banned from deviantArt if I use dAgr?

Not likely. However, dAgr could be blocked at any time. If you want to be sure your main account isn't banned, use a disposable account and a proxy.


The deviantArt page says a deviant has 145 deviations but the program can only find 139!

Sometimes deviantArt reports the wrong number of deviations in a gallery. This is because you can submit deviations exclusively to a group without having it show up in your gallery.


Why does the program not run or produce an error message when I run it?

Be sure you have installed the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above or are running Windows Vista or above. If you are sure these are installed correctly and you still get persistent crashes or error messages, please email me and remember to specify your Windows and .NET versions, and the detailed error message.


Why can I not download mature deviations?

You must use a deviantArt account that is able to view such deviations, and has "Show Deviations with Mature Content" enabled under Settings > Browsing.





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Да работает, было бы неплохо раздобыть такую программку под CGHub к примеру.

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